Thursday, July 31, 2008

Book Announcement - Fifty Way to Leave Left Behind

Fifty Ways to Leave Left Behind
212 pages $13.99 Released: 2007-12-04
Tate Publishing & Enterprises
Available through Ingram or at

FIFTY WAYS TO LEAVE LEFT BEHIND is an opposing presentation to the views represented by the LEFT BEHIND series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. Fifty Ways traces fifty parallels between Exodus and Revelation to demonstrate that Revelation follows the pattern of Exodus from beginning to end. Some of the parallels are as follows:
Both books begin with tribulation
Both books begin with a prophet in exile
Both prophets have a burning bush experience
Both prophets tell of a promised-land
Both lead to great plagues on the wicked
Both feature two prominent witnesses
Both show a woman escaping from a dragon on the wings of an eagle after which she is married to the LORD
The first book begins with twelve tribes and ends with seven lamps in the new tabernacle, the second begins with seven lamps and ends with twelve tribes in the new temple.

Seeing these parallels enables one to see that Revelation follows a consistent story line and makes it untenable to break the book up into different segments for different eras of history or for different nationalities as is necessary for the logic of the LEFT BEHIND series.

There are a couple of reviews posted at and there is a review by Dr. Walter G. Nunn printed in The Alabama Baptist January 17 issue.

Endorsers include Dr. Frank Page (recent president of the SBC),
The late Dr. Robert G. Witty (Founder and first president of Luther Rice Seminary),
And Dr. David Garland (Baylor University)

This book will contain some difficult issues but the writing is simple enough for any layman to read. Hope you find this sufficient to bring the book into your library system.

Roger Snow

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