Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ministry Shift

As we continue to move from the Gutenberg world to the Google world, Dr. Albert of the Anglican Church, India, points toward seven strategic shifts for pastors in particular and ministers in general to ponder:
  • Shift 1: A Power Shift from Self to God
  • Shift 2: A Priority Shift from inreach to outreach
  • Shift 3: A Program Shift from events to relationships
  • Shift 4: A People Shift from ministers to equippers
  • Shift 5: A Provision Shift from consumers to contributors
  • Shift 6: A Perspective Shift from a church mentality to a Kingdom mentality
  • Shift 7: A Process Shift from the older to the younger

When you and your organization are able to make these shifts in the years ahead we can be sure the baton will not drop on the ground of time. Let us capitalize on global and local opportunities before they are lost forever!


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