Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Church Guests/Visitor Followup

(A Sample Process)
  1. Collect guest cards and connection cards.
  2. Act on the cards immediately. After service, if possible. Go to the church office and process the informationand writing cards. A list could be built on Google Docs. Make a phone call on Monday. Mail a first time handwritten note signed by the pastor. The children's department could send out a stamped bag of unpopped popcorn. The youth department could send out a CD. Mail a second letter to adult guests asking people to serve. Service is a high value. The expectation is set at the outset. People rally to serve. Look at prayer requests on the cards. Pray over all cards in staff meetings and prayer groups.
  3. Close Open Loops. Collect data in a Google Docs spreadsheet, listing assignments with an “X.” As each assignment is completed, turn the X into a “C,” meaning closed. An item is closed when a first or second time guest is mailed a response. In the case of info request, a sign-up, or a prayer request, the loop is closed after a conversation has been had yielding a “yes,” no,” or a “not now.” The information received can be gathered and placed in the comment box in the spreadsheet.
  4. One month call back. Place a call four weeks after the initial guest visit to make sure the guests have received the information they’ve requested. This call will successfully help people make the next step into service, membership, and group attendance. This occasionally re-activates someone who visited once and didn’t come back after their first visit. This call also serves to ensure that the process is working and that there are no holes.


Many other steps could be added. This process can be adjusted to fit your church or community.

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Anonymous said...

the fact that you didn't give credit to where this post came from (www.travisjohnson.net) is almost as bad as me commenting anonymously...

Don G. Brock said...

Sorry, I missed that one. But, I will fix it.

Anonymous said...

Ideas are rarely original. They're mostly tweaked and improved upon. Those practices certainly didn't originate with me. I certainly have no need to be cited.

Don, thanks for sharing them, especially if it means someone will use them to become more effective with the Gospel.

Keep up the good work!