Friday, May 16, 2008

A Tribute To Pastors

Pastors are unique individuals who carry a lot of responsibility. They often live their lives in a fish bowl with members of society watching their every move waiting for direction or to pass judgment.

One of the primary purposes of this Blog is to give tribute to pastors, encourage them, and provide resources for them. A pastor’s work often goes unnoticed for those unfamiliar with the behind the scenes life of a pastor.

Here is a list, or tribute so to speak, about why pastors are so special:

Pastors Teach

Most likely a pastor’s most important trait is that they teach the word of God. We all need teachers when it comes to learning and growing in Christ. Discipleship is a critical need in the Body of Christ today. This is a huge responsibility for pastors.

Pastors Are Creative In Getting Our Attention

I have been fortunate in the past with some of the best pastor/teachers who have gone out of their way to prove a point. One pastor had a pizza delivered during service to prove a point about being hungry for God. He also made us wear hairnets as a reminder of how we should be servants. That took time and effort and creativity when he could have just gone on stage and read.

Pastors Pray

Pastors spend hours praying for their members, friends, community, etc. Whatever the need, pastors are bringing it before God. It is nice to know that despite all our troubles, we have someone who cares and prays for us.

Pastors Give

Pastors are constantly giving. They give their time, their money, their energy, etc. They work continually to share God’s love and God’s word. They plan so much time trying to meet the needs of the church and community. They give food, they give hope, they give money, facilities, entertainment, worship, etc. It often goes unnoticed how much a pastor gives.

Pastors Show Love

Pastors are some of the most loving people I know. They love the unlovable. They give their love to a messed-up humanity who seldom loves back.

Pastors Counsel

Pastors spend a lot of time counseling. When people are hurting, a pastor is there to help them get through this low in their life. In our marriage, pastors have provided tremendous counsel to help us be better husbands and wives by teaching us areas of improvement in God’s word. They provide every kind of counseling available from financial to spiritual to marriage to fears, etc. They will stop everything to be of assistance in times of need.

Pastors Cry and Laugh With You

Pastors are there to celebrate births, praises, miraculous recoveries or any joy with you. But pastors are also there when you are sick, dealing with loss of a loved one or just having a hard time.

This is just touching the tip of the iceberg when it comes to documenting all the great things pastors do for our society. So don’t forget to say a simple “Thank You" to your pastor. Never criticize your pastor unless you have walked a mile in their shoes. If your pastor was not there every time you wish they had been, just realize the pastor can only be in one place at a time.

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Anonymous said...

You are so right. Pastors give and give and give. They are there for people 24/7. I have watch Jerry get up in the middle of the night to help someone. He just happens to stop by at others times to give an encouraging word. Some of which I am finding out only now of lives that he touched. They spend hours preparing sermons, lessons etc. They are there to help in the low moments of life. They also celebrate your joys. They do all of this whether or not it is convenient for them or their families. Let us pray for our pastors.

Martha Herston